Stratford-upon-Avon in bloom

Annual Local Competition

Welcome to Stratford-upon-Avon

The Stratford in Bloom Committee invites everyone who resides and works within the boundary of the Stratford-upon-Avon town to join our Local Competition.

The Community Award, Rear Gardens and Bee Friendly Gardens are the only categories that require a completed Entry Form.

All categories are judged by our Committee Members between 16th July - 30th July 2018.

The categories are:

  • Nursery Schools
  • Primary Schools
  • Community Award  
  • Allotments
  • B&Bs and Guest Houses
  • Hotels
  • Public Houses
  • Restaurants & Coffee Shops
  • Tourist Properties
  • Businesses & Shops
  • Rear Gardens
  • Front Gardens: Traditional (Individual Wards & Overall)
  • Front Gardens: Small border / Containers (Individual Wards & Overall)
  • Bee Friendly
  • Chairman's Trophy

1st Place - Engraved Trophy, certificate & £50 Blenheim Nursery voucher 

2nd Place - Certificate & £25 Blenheim Nursery voucher

Highly Commended - Certificate & £10 Blenheim Nursery Voucher

The evening is generously supported and sponsored by:

Blenheim Nursery

Individual Awards are sponsored by:

  • The Rosconn Group

  • Hitchman Stone Architects

  • Johnson Coaches

  • Blenheim Nursey

  • Friends of the Earth

  • Murphy Salisbury

This year our chosen colours are:

Red, White and Blue

Entry forms can be obtained at the Town Hall from the Secretary:

Mirriam Dow
01789 417852

OR please fill out the form below to register.

Entry Form

I would like to enter:
These categories must be within the Stratford-upon-Avon town boundary.

Competition Winners 2017

Nursery Schools

Primary Schools

1st - Footsteps Nursey
2nd - Caring Kindergartens
3rd - Freshfields Nursery
HC - Polkadot Nursery

1st - Stratford Primary School
2nd  - Alveston C of E Primary School

Community Awards


1st - Guild Cottages  
2nd  - St Joseph Homestead Trust
3rd - Avon Meadow Residents
Highly Commended - Escape Arts

1st - Alveston & Tiddington Allotments & Gardens Association
2nd - Shottery Allotments (Town Trust)


B&B's & Guest Houses Businesses & Shops

1st - Woodstock
2nd - Ambleside 
3rd - Stretton House
Highly Commended - Milmar

1st - C A Rookes
2nd - H L Barnes
3rd - A E Bennetts & Sons
HC - Cordelia

Hotels Restaurants and Coffee Shops
1st - The Arden Hotel
2nd - The Limes 
3rd - The Shakespeare Hotel
Highly Commended - The White Swan

1st - Hobson's Patisseries
2nd - Sorrentos
3rd - Costa Coffee

Public Houses
Street & Precinct

1st - The Windmill Inn
2nd - The Old Tramway Inn
3rd - Keys & Kitchen

1st - Red Lion Court
2nd - Shrieves Walk


Bee Friendly Winner Rear Gardens

1st - St Joseph's Homestead Trust
2nd - Methodist Church

1st - Ken & Linda Wheeler
2nd - Jill Jones
3rd - Margaret Street

Traditional Front Garden - Ward Winners Small Border & Containers Front Garden - Ward Winners

Avenue Ward
1st Place - Josephine Pryor
2nd Place - Pauline & Brian Charman
3rd Place - Judith & Peter Brain

Avenue Ward
1st Place - Anne Bowes
2nd Place - Zofia Szupienko
3rd Place - Matthew & Lauren Gray

Bishopton Ward
1st Place - Roma & Keith Foster
2nd Place - Dawn Woodhouse
3rd Place - Alan Coldicott

Bishopton Ward
1st Place - Patricia Ayres
2nd Place - Paul Watson

Bridgetown Ward
1st Place - Steven Wright
2nd Place - Michael & Rachel Webster
3rd Place - Jennifer & Neville Fox

Bridgetown Ward
1st Place - Lynne Rowlands
2nd Place - Jackie Strangwood
3rd Place - Kenneth & Doreen Shirley

Clopton Ward
1st Place - John Wilkinson
2nd Place - Annette & Brian Ashfield
Highly Commended - Clifford Dugmore

Clopton Ward
1st Place - Derek & Christine Hamilton
2nd Place - Catherine & Dan Hutchings
3rd Place - Margaret Cooke

Guildhall Ward
1st Place - Ian Matthews
2nd Place - Joyce Wainwright
3rd Place - Ken & Mary Ryman

Guildhall Ward
1st Place - Stanley & Elizabeth Horsley
2nd Place - Helen Nightingale
3rd Place - David & Sharon Charles

Hathaway Ward
1st Place - Joyce Johnson
2nd Place - Pierina Villano
3rd Place - Anne & David Challis

Hathaway Ward
1st Place - Peter Benstead
2nd Place - Mr James McGuire
3rd Place - Helen & Nicolas Helliwell

Shottery Ward
1st Place - Margaret Street
2nd Place - Hilary Mattocks
3rd Place - Barbara & Paul Whitford
Highly Commended - Sandra Vale

Shottery Ward
1st Place - Anne & John Rouse
2nd Place - Michael Tomes & Janet Riley
3rd Place - Christopher & Winnifred Clarke

Tiddington Ward
1st Place - Brian & Jean Lythal
2nd Place - Jo & Roger Stevens

Tiddington Ward
1st Place - Mrs Lilian Boddington
2nd Place - Nicole South

Welcombe Ward
1st Place - Sylvia & Peter Ariss
2nd Place - Richard & Esther Grunow
3rd Place - Mary & Martin Kinoulty
Highly Commended - Alison & Steve Parker

Welcombe Ward
1st Place - David & Judy Cheadle
2nd Place - Maggie & Bruce Richards
3rd Place - Alwyn Annels

Traditional Front Garden - Overall Winners 

Small Border & Containers Front Garden - Ward Winners

1st - Roma & Keith Foster (Bishopton Ward)
2nd - Brian Lythall (Tiddington Ward)
3rd - Ian Matthews (Guildhall Ward)
HC - Sylvia & Peter Ariss (Welcombe Ward)

1st - Patricia Ayres (Bishopton Ward)
2nd - Lynne Rowlands (Bridgetown Ward)
3rd - Anne and John Rouse (Shottery Ward)


Chairman's Trophy