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About Us

Welcome to Stratford-upon-Avon

Stratford-upon-Avon in Bloom is a dedicated group of volunteers.

The Committee was first formed in the 1970s and works with local authorities, local businesses and residents to enhance the beauty of Stratford-upon-Avon through floral features and gardens, both public and private.

Committee Members

Charles Bates - Chair
Rosalind Winter - Vice Chair
John Elliot - Treasurer
Sue England - Secretary 

Cllr Tony Jackson  - Mayor & Honorary President
Cllr Jenny Fradgley - Stratford-upon-Avon Town Council
Cllr - Stratford-upon-Avon Town Council 
Judith Conroy 
Gina Lodge
Iain Duck
Cllr Cohl Warren-Howels - Stratford-upon-Avon Town Council

Steve Felix - Blenheim Nurseries / Planting Contractor (non-voting)
Joe Baconnet - Stratforward Business Improvement District (non-voting)
Craig Bourne - Stratford-on-Avon District Council (non-voting)
Barbara Helps

Stratford in Bloom Constitution

1. Corporate Status

Stratford-upon-Avon in Bloom Ltd (hereinafter ‘SiB’) is a Registered Company Limited by Guarantee with the Registered Company Number 9321530. It is an independent community group, known colloquially as ‘Stratford in Bloom’, acting in cooperation with Stratford-upon-Avon District Council (hereinafter ‘SDC’). The company has a board of four directors who take instructions from the elected committee.

2. Objectives

The objectives of SiB shall be:

  1. To enhance and improve the visual attraction of Stratford-upon-Avon by encouraging the cultivation of plants and flowers in gardens.
  2. To encourage businesses to improve the working environment by the addition of floral displays and sustainable planting in the precincts of their premises.
  3. To promote communal engagement with horticultural activities and projects within its locality.
  4. To offer advice and support to residents, schools, community groups and businesses in relation to their development of floral display.
  5. To develop an annual programme of public floral display in areas identified and facilitated for SiB responsibility by SDC.
  6. The public floral display areas identified in 2.e) will hereinafter be referred to as the SiB Floral Display Assets.
  7. To encourage schools to engage with SiB and hence to contribute to the education of young people in the town in an appreciation of their natural environment.
  8. To promote wider understanding of related environmental and conservation aspects.
  9. Develop public awareness of SiB and the benefits thereof.

3. Activities

All activities undertaken by SiB are designed to promote fulfilment of the above Objectives and include:

  1. Organising and managing the annual SiB Local Floral Competition for residents and businesses of the town.
  2. Involving local schools and nurseries in the SiB Local Floral Competition in ways that link to the appropriate areas of the National Curriculum.
  3. Seeking sponsorship from local businesses or individuals for the SiB Floral Display Assets.
  4. When deemed appropriate by SiB, to aid and manage entry into the annual RHS ‘Heart of England in Bloom’ competition.
  5. Holding of special functions to promote the competitions in 3.a) and 3.d) and to inform and educate attendees, including, but not exclusively, a SiB Coffee Morning in spring and the Presentation Evening in autumn.
  6. Taking any other suitable opportunity for the furtherance of the Objectives.

4. Committee

  1. The policies and activity programme of SiB are determined and managed by a Committee consisting of a maximum of 15 people, including Officers, all of whom have one vote each at meetings except any representatives as stated in see 4.f).
  2. The members of the committee are elected each year at the Annual General Meeting.
  3. All members of the Committee are unpaid volunteers with the exception of the Secretary who receives an honorarium.
  4. Membership of the Committee is by invitation and all members must embrace the Objectives and Activities of SiB and work to help achieve them.


There shall be four Officers on the committee who are elected annually at the AGM with the exception of the Chairman who will remain in office for 3 years with an option to stand for a further 2 years. The other Officers shall serve for one year but shall be eligible for re-election:

    • Chairman who will preside and have the casting vote at Committee meetings, AGMs and Extraordinary General Meetings (‘EGMs’) and ensure that decisions are reached.
    • Vice-Chairman assume the duties of the Chairman should he or she not be available.
    • Secretary who shall take minutes of all meetings and otherwise ensure discussions are recorded and communicated to the Committee; send out calling notices for Committee meetings, the AGM and any EGMs; deal with any correspondence & other SiB administrative work.
    • Treasurer who will keep the Society’s finances in order; keep records of all financial transactions of SiB including preparing annual accounts and running the bank account(s).

5. In addition to the voting members of the Committee, representative(s) of other, relevant organisations may be invited to attend monthly Committee meetings in an advisory, non-voting capacity, including but not exclusively:

    • SDC
    • Horticultural contractor working on behalf of SDC
    • Horticultural contractor working on behalf of SiB
    • Stratforward

6. The Committee shall invite the incumbent Mayor of Stratford-upon-Avon to to hold the position of President of SiB for the following 12 months. The Mayor shall have full voting rights on the committee whilst assuming position as President.

7. The Committee may fill any vacancy that occurs by co-opting any suitable person for the remainder of the current year.

8. An elected member who fails to attend 3 consecutive committee meetings without tendering an apology, giving reasons for non-attendance, will be contacted by the Chairman and asked whether or not they wish to remain on the committee. The Chairman will then report back the outcome of any discussions at the next scheduled committee meeting. A decision on the merits or otherwise of the member remaining on the committee will then be taken.

5. Meetings

  1. The AGM to be held on the first Thursday in June each year. The date, time and location of the AGM to be notified to each member and all involved organisations at least 10 days before the meeting.
  2. At the Annual General Meeting the Chairman will present a report outlining the activities of SiB in the previous year.
  3. Committee meetings to be held on the first Thursday of each month, excluding December & January. A meeting in either of those months may be called at the Chairman’s discretion if required.
  4. A meeting (whether a Committee meeting, AGM or EGM) may only be held if a quorum of members is achieved. A quorum is to be one-third of the elected Committee members at the time of the meeting.
  5. Officers may, collectively, make decisions on essential matters between meetings, as deemed necessary.  If costs are involved then a £1,000 limit must not be exceeded.

6. Finances

  1. SIB to open a bank account to hold funds secured for the express purposes of furthering the aims and objectives. All monies secured by SIB to be paid into this account. There will be three signatories appointed, including the Treasurer and Chairman. Cheques will be authorised by two of the listed signatories.
  2. Online banking may be used with an upper limit on any single transaction of £10,000.
  3. A financial statement representing SiB’s financial position to be audited annually and presented by the Treasurer at the AGM for approval.
  4. The auditors of the SiB accounts to be appointed by election at the AGM.
  5. The Secretary’ s honorarium to be set, each year, at the AGM.

7. Appointment of Contractor

The Committee will appoint an approved horticultural contractor to carry out the planning, planting and maintenance of the SiB Floral Display Assets to an agreed schedule.

The contractor to be chosen by the Committee and advised of their appointment by 31st December. The committee will request a minimum of three quotations from which the contractor will be chosen.

The contracted period to be five years from 1st April in the first year to 31st March in year five.

An option will exist for either SiB or the contractor to withdraw from the contract at the end of year three should either side not be happy in continuing with the arrangement.

At the end of the five years the quoting process shall take place again.

A representative of the appointed contractor to be invited to attend all Committee meetings and the AGM. The representative, or anyone from the company they represent, may not be elected onto the Committee and their attendance to be in a non-voting, advisory capacity only.

In order to bring the existing contractor’s contract (at time of writing) into line with that of Immediate Solutions, this contract will be extended for a four-year period commencing April 1st 2017 and ending 31st March 2021.  A two-year break clause will be written into this extended contract period.

8. Amendments

The Constitution of SiB may be amended or revoked by a resolution of a two-thirds majority of the Committee members present and voting at the AGM or at an EGM called with the full knowledge of all Committee members with at least 10 days notice.

9. Dissolution

SiB may only be dissolved upon a resolution to that effect by a two-thirds majority of those Committee members present and voting at an AGM or at and EGM called for the purpose.

Following a resolution to dissolve, the Officers of the Committee shall take appropriate action to use remaining funds and assets to discharge any and all debts and liabilities of the group.

Any remaining funds and assets (or their liquidated value) shall be donated to Stratford Town Council to be used for the sole purpose of providing plants for display in Stratford-upon-Avon, and for no other purpose.


This Constitution was updated by the Committee on 11th May 2018.